Hello 2018. Please be Awesome.

January 01, 2018By Mike Herchel

I’m looking forward to 2018 with excitement and a bit of trepidation.

Technical Goals

  • Continue learning ReactJS.
  • Learn CSS Grid — I’m already doing this.
  • Speak at a non-Drupal front-end conference. It’s harder to get sessions accepted than you’d think.
  • Work on a Drupal 8 and/or decoupled JavaScript project at Lullabot.

Parenting Goals

  • Continue keepin’ on. Millie is awesome.
  • Encourage her to read. She’s doing this now, but being a bookworm is awesome.
  • Get her more comfortable with trying new foods and experiences. This has always been a challenge.

Personal Goals

  • Health (losing weight - need to get firmer on this).
  • Continue traveling. I plan on going to Europe again this year (either Amsterdam or Zurich).
  • Financial - Build up a decent emergency fund. Move my old FHSAA 403b into something better.
  • Continue maintaining awesome friendships.
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