About Me

Hi. I'm Mike, and I love what I do.

I work as a senior front-end web developer at Lullabot, where I create big kick-ass websites. I specialize in Drupal and JavaScript front-end development, but also love and work with many other web technologies.

I'm very involved with local web-dev communities. I'm the lead organizer for the Gainesville Front-end Developers Meetup, and I help organize the annual Florida DrupalCamp conference.

Outside of computers, I'm the father of the kickassest little girl you can imagine. I also have a deep appreciation for nature. At any given point in time, I'd rather be hiking, fishing, or hammocking. I also love good food, and a good beer.

I also have an awesome telescope (a vintage Celestron orange tube C8) from which I look at the clouds of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn. I enjoy hanging with my two dogs (golden retreiver mix, and a chocolate lab), and I am also a huge tailgating enthusiast and Florida Gator fanatic.

The Herchel Fam
The Herchel fam.