Article on Smashing Magazine: Modern Methods For Improving Drupal’s Largest Contentful Paint Core Web Vital

By mherchel, 15 August, 2023
Card with title taken from smashing magazine's head

I wrote an article for Smashing Magazine that just got published that details the work that goes into improving the Umami profile’s largest contentful paint (LCP) metric. This work isn’t Drupal specific, and can apply to many sites across the internet.

Checkout the article!

The issue for this was opened by Catch earlier this year, and it was pushed through by him, Mark Conroy (a maintainer of the Umami profile), Lucas Hedding, and Andy Blum. Thanks everyone!

Dexter makes an appearance

The real reason I wrote this article is to bring fame and fortune to my golden/lab mix Dexter, who’s picture I got in the article! TBH, I needed to use a better photo to illustrate the “squishing” of images, when they are outside of their original aspect ratio.

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