Florida DrupalCamp🌴 to Host a Half Day of "Mini-Sessions"

By mherchel, 6 January, 2023

Florida DrupalCamp is rapidly approaching! It will be held February 17th-19th in beautiful Orlando, Florida, and we’re expecting 150+ Drupalers from all around the world!

Traditionally our overall agenda has been

  • Friday - Trainings
  • Saturday - Sessions
  • Sunday - Half day sessions + half day contribution.
Lots of attendees sitting around tables with lots of computers. One attendee is speaking to everyone from the back
Contribution day at Florida DrupalCamp

This year we’re trying something new!

New for 2023, is the concept of “mini-sessions”! Mini-sessions are 5-15 minute practical talks on anything Drupal, or Drupal related. The keyword here is practical. We want attendees to be able to take away something from each and every mini-session.

We’ll be hosting all of the mini-sessions in a single track Sunday morning. Mini-sessions won’t be scheduled at a particular time, but will happen in rapid succession.

Mini-session submission is currently open. Submit one now!

The auditorium at Florida Technical College during Florida DrupalCamp
The FTC Auditorium where mini-sessions will be held.

What’s the opposite of mini-sessions? Trainings!

Same as previous years, Friday will be stacked with trainings. Training topics include DevOps, Front-end Development, OOP in Drupal, VueJS, Beginner Drupal and DDEV. The trainings are given by industry-recognized experts in their respective fields.

You can see a full list of trainings here.

What else do I need to know about Florida DrupalCamp 2023?

We’re making 2023 the best Florida DrupalCamp ever. Sessions have already been chosen (though not yet scheduled). You can check out the session list here. We have our afterparty scheduled (thanks Helena), and a hotel discount is available for about another week.

Attendee assembling tacos during lunch break
Come for the software, stay for the Gringos Locos tacos!

Help an organizer out!

Planning on attending, but have yet to register? Please do so ASAP. Earlier registration helps us better plan and market!

Thank you’s

Thanks to sponsors, attendees, speakers, and volunteers who make Florida DrupalCamp happen. I’m sooo excited about this upcoming DrupalCamp, and can’t wait to see everyone in person! 🍻

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