Three Sessions / Two Conferences: DrupalCon Prague and Inclusive Design 24

By mherchel, 14 September, 2022
View of Prague showing bridge, river and a beautiful buildings

Tomorrow I’m leaving for beautiful Prague in the Czech Republic for DrupalCon Europe! I’m super excited – I’ve never been to that part of Europe before, and Prague is renowned for its beauty and architecture. I’m also super psyched to reconnect with so many of my Drupal friends!

Next week I’ll be giving three presentations – two for DrupalCon Europe, and one for Inclusive Design 24, which is a remote 24 hour conference on accessibility.

The three sessions are

All the cool things you can do when you don’t support IE11 (and how we can use these in Drupal core)

This talk (which I’m doing with Lullabot’s Andy Blum) details cool and useful CSS that we can now use because Internet Explorer has finally bit the dust. It centers around new and practical CSS styling that we’re using in Drupal core including resets, modifying specificity, grids and more. This talk will be at 3pm CET in room D3.

How Drupal 10 will make you fall in love with Drupal theming

Immediately following my session with Andy, I’m moving to room C1 and giving my next session (this time with Acquia’s Lauri Eskola). We’re talking about all of the new functionality that we’re adding to the front-end of Drupal 10. We have lots of new features to help smooth the development process for new and seasoned front-end developers. I’m really excited about this.

Practical Styling in Forced Colors Mode

The following day I’ll be giving this presentation remotely for Inclusive Design 24. It will take place at 9am CET / 3am ET (likely from my hotel room!). In it, I talk about what forced-colors mode is, how it differs from Windows High Contrast, etc. I also will be going over common problems, fixes, and practical testing for forced-colors. Most of these lessons have been learned through the trial and error of Drupal core contribution and come from real world examples.

Come say hi!

If you’re heading to DrupalCon Prague, make sure to say hi, or at least heckle me during my sessions. If you’re not, you can attend virtually for a pretty steep discount. In addition, the Inclusive Design 24 conference is absolutely free! All sessions are streamed live and publicly on the Inclusive Design 24 YouTube channel.


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