Smashing Magazine Article on Olivero’s Menu System

By mherchel, 2 September, 2022
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I wrote an article in Smashing Magazine detailing all of usability and accessibility work that went into the menu system within Drupal’s Olivero theme. I’m super excited about it because they're one of the most foremost resources for web developers, with lots of great articles, conferences, books, and more. It’s an honor to get an article published there! 😊

Check out the article at

I’m also thrilled that Drupal is being discussed in the wider web development community. I’m a big believer that the Drupal community needs to be more outspoken on the work that we’re doing. We’re innovating on an enormous amount of free/open-source techniques, tools, and methodology that could be shared!

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Bis (not verified)

11 months 3 weeks ago

I looked at the github page for sub-theming this theme and the script to copy the theme into a new theme does not work for me on Ubuntu. I get an error saying that line 23 of the shell script contains an error.

I also looked at the github page of the Walnut sub-theme of Olivero and I am having problems getting the grunt processing to work.

I am fairly new to Drupal and was hoping someone would be able to point me to resources which are able to give me a full rundown on what is possible with sub-theming as regards Olivero. Coming from a Wordpress background, it is not clear to me how theming is supposed to work without being able to create a sub-theme. My apologies if my question does not make complete sense.